Mar 1, 2021

scores 2004 -

Composer and cellist Stefan Thut is interested in processes and scores that invite both the performers and the listeners to delve into a world. Through his compositions he provides relatively determined systems in order to develop a praxis. In addition to instruments applied in traditional ways, he also uses everyday materials as components in his work. As an interpreter he has performed a lot of music by his fellow and affiliated composers of the Edition Wandelweiser. Stations of his activities included Amsterdam, Bilbao, Düsseldorf, Helsinki, London, Reykjavik, Saint Petersburg, Seoul, Tokyo, Zurich and Solothurn where he runs his own concert series. Thut studied music at the Lucerne Conservatory and at Boston University School of Music.

November 7 2021 19h
solothurn, säulenhalle landhaus, landhausquai 4
Stefan Thut & Manfred Werder

November 3 2021 20h
zurich, walcheturm
Manfred Werder & Stefan Thut

June 6 2021 19h

solothurn, säulenhalle landhaus, landhausquai 4

Vom Sirren, Sinnen und Singen
Konzert in der Säulenhalle

Marie-Cécile Reber/Stefan Thut: wax and wane (2021)

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé: a direction out there, readwalking (with) thoreau (2020)

Marie-Cécile Reber: Elektronik
Marianne Schuppe: Stimme
Stefan Thut: Objekte und Viola da Gamba
[in absentia] Emmanuelle Waeckerlé: Stimme

unterstützt durch
Däster Schild Stiftung, Regionale Stiftung Sol/Wa, Migros Kulturprozent, Stadt und Kanton Solothurn

May 8 2021 19h

zürich, schlosserei nenniger, grubenstrasse 29

Manfred Werder: 20210 & 20170 & 20160
Stefan Thut: aus den neuesten aufzeichnungen

Manfred Werder setzt seine langjährige Praxis des Lesens und Schreibens aus Texten der letzten 2800 Jahren fort. Die Partituren sind gefundene Formen: Träger geschnittener Wörter und Sätze als möglicher Aussagen einer Epoche. (Manfred Werder)

Eine Reihe von gestrichenen Klängen zu einem Stimmton, mit der eigenen Stimme vorzufabrizieren. Einbringen von ganzzahligen Verhältnissen im Gegensatz zu irgendwelchen. Ein sich Aufhalten im Instabilen, bedingt durch die Natur der zur Verfügung stehenden Körper. (Stefan Thut)

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Stadt Zürich Kultur

April 21 2021 17-18h

solothurn, old town
afoot (2019)
manfred werder, stefan thut: steps, claves

November 5 2020 20h

basel, theatergarage, bärenfelserstrasse 20

Marianne Schuppe, Gesang
Marc Kilchenmann, Fagott und mikrotonales Glockenspiel und
Stefan Thut, Violoncello
spielen eigene Kompositionen

Den Berührungen von Wort und Klang geht das Trio Thut-Schuppe-Kilchenmann seit längerem nach. Hintergründig, vordergründig führt sie die Arbeit mit Sprache in eine weiträumige leise Musik.

October 1 2020


Félicie Bazelaire: double bass
Léo Dupleix: sine waves
Fredrik Rasten: acoustic guitar
Stefan Thut: cello

a practice of noticing among others

The piece among is scored for three string players and sine waves which a fourth performer is responsible for. Aside of the usual purposes the three string instruments – in the present version a double bass, an acoustic guitar and a cello – also serve as resonating bodies for loudspeakers: the sine waves are sounding by means of transducers attached to the three wooden boxes. The instrumentalists attune initially to their respective sine wave, and then continue in ratios of imaginary odd-numbered partials up to the 17th. However, the frequencies of the three sine waves are multiples of either prime triplets or other prime numbers like for instance on page one – 23, 29 and 37. This kind of harmonic space is more obfuscating the process of tuning than making things harmonically comprehensible as a whole. In fact, to begin with the performer of sine waves, the acoustic conductor, divides the three instrumentalists into three individuals. They can only act in self-reliance to their own tone and with confidence to the others. Because of the very high order of the intervals occuring between the three, they mostly remain indefinable regarding specific tunings and open up a territory of the unknown. Still for me, the evolving harmonies appear as “just” due to the thoughtfulness and dignity of the ensemble. Here it is not a matter of tuning to each other (as it is the case in a majority of music practices) but noticing among each other in playing some tones: an actual model for a co-existence.

reviewed by John Eyles and Sós Gergő

September 22 2020

as two
and scores by biqing cheng

September 16 2020 18h

helsinki, maa-tila, pääskylänrinne 10

hiljaisen musiikin konsertti #1

Taku Sugimoto: Hum (2002)
Stefan Thut: vier, fünf (2008)
Antti Tolvi: Particles (2020)

Esiintyjät: Tytti Arola, Lauri Hyvärinen, Minna-Kaisa Kallinen, Jonna Karanka, Jukka Kääriäinen, Taina Riikonen, Katri Sipiläinen, Tanja Tiekso ja Antti Tolvi

September 3 2020 20h

zürich, kunstraum walcheturm, kanonengasse 20

Marianne Schuppe, Marc Kilchenmann, Stefan Thut
scores by themselves

June 28 2020 19h
solothurn, säulenhalle landhaus, landhausquai 4

Kompositionen für die Säulenhalle

Stefan Thut:  among (2018) [seite 7]

Fredrik Rasten:  Fuse (2020)

Félicie Bazelaire:  désœuvrées (2020)

Léo Dupleix:  piece for double bass, cello, guitar, sine tones (2018) [page 2]

Félicie Bazelaire,  Kontrabass
Léo Dupleix,  Elektronik
Fredrik Rasten,  Gitarre
Stefan Thut,  Violoncello

unterstützt durch
Däster Schild Stiftung, Stadt und Kanton Solothurn

June 22 2020

new cassette released by Zoomin' Night, Beijing


Stefan Thut: cello, recording
Taku Sugimoto: guitar

Recorded in Tokyo on October 7 2019 and in Solothurn on November 4 2019

"Only after listening to the recording I realized that the environmental sound gets a new function here: we needed the sound around us in order to not hear ourselves. It is not really about making the environment audible any more. It is much more something about the two of us being placed into this situation."

"It is, again, actually new listening experience for me. Two mikes share some environmental aspects of the space, but not our activities. Your activities are captured by only one mike and my activities are by the other. Nevertheless, though only a few times, I hear the sounds of two instruments as if they are blended, which I think occurs in my brain."

June 20 2020 19h

zürich, schlosserei nenniger, grubenstrasse 29

Manfred Werder: 20170 & 20200
Stefan Thut: (not) at (2020)

June 1 2020

miji concert series by audience, organized by yan jun

as two

May 18 2020

new piece 'an organ' released as part of the ongoing festival

amplify 2020

April 30 2020

tokyo, shimokitazawa

aussen raum 
and 2005/1 by manfred werder
Katsuaki Iida, Taku Sugimoto, Toshiya Tsunoda & Tomokazu Hoshi 

March 26 2020 22h



at home, still


February 21 2020 18h

warszawa, bílý koníček czyli biały konik, ulica kredytowa 1


preceded by antoine beuger's
sound, place, ein klang (1997/1999) and
now is the moment to learn hope (2017)

Max Bober, violin

December 21 2019 16:42 - December 22 2019 08:15

biel/bienne, lokal-int, hugistrasse 3

Eine Konzert von Sonnenuntergang bis Sonnenaufgang in der längsten Nacht des Jahres.
Konzept: Christian Müller
mit: Regina Dürig, Frank Heierli, Christian Kobi, Annette Schmucki, Stefan Thut, Robert Torche

November 25 2019 19:30

solothurn, kantonsschule, herrenweg 

and solo music by Martin Imholz
Patrick Kappeler (clr), Andreas Kunz (vl), Martin Imholz (p), Stefan Thut (vc, objects)

November 20 2019 20h

bienne, chemin des pinsons 7

action cyclique

preceded by Alvin Lucier's i am sitting in a room, read by Rudolf Steiner

as part of entre les temps

November 3 2019 17h

solothurn, poetariat, löwengasse 15

November 2 2019 20:30h

zürich, Kunstraum Walcheturm, kanonengasse 20

Minami Saeki: voice
Taku Sugimoto: guitar
Manfred Werder: objects
Stefan Thut: cello

October 27 2019

berlin, petersburg art space, kaiserin-augusta-allee 101

as part of 'Taku Sugimoto Mini-Fest, day 2':

Taku Sugimoto (Japan) - guitar, Stefan Thut (Switzerland) - cello, Fredrik Rasten (Norway) - guitar, Alexander Markvart (Siberia) - guitar, Denis Sorokin (Saint-Petersburg) - pitch pipes, Andrey Popovsky (Russia) - guitar

Quartet: Sugimoto, Sorokin, Rasten, Thut as
Duo: Sugimoto, Popovsky
Quartet: Sugimoto, Sorokin, Markvart, Popovsky

October 26 2019

berlin, kühlspot, lehderstrasse 74-79

as part of 'Taku Sugimoto Mini-Fest, day 1':

(Minami Saeki, Michiko Ogawa, Samuel Dunscombe, Rishin Singh, Taku Sugimoto, Stefan Thut)

Songs by Taku Sugimoto
Quartet with Taku Sugimoto, Michiko Ogawa, Samuel Dunscombe and Crys Cole

October 3 2019

tokyo, nanahari

with Wakana Ikeda and Takuro Okada

afar and a score by Wakana Ikeda

September 28-30 2019

tokyo, ftarri

with Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble: Wakana Ikeda (flute), Yoko Ikeda (violin, viola), Masahiko Okura (clarinet), Taku Sugimoto (guitar), Aya Naito (bassoon)
joined by Minami Saeki (voice), Radu Malfatti (bass harmonica), Stefan Thut (cello)

amidst, asunder, anew
and works by Minami Saeki, Radu Malfatti, and Taku Sugimoto

September 26 2019 15-17h

seoul, namsan, nakseongdae park

w/ lo wie, hankil ryu, inkyung kim


htmnp with wind by lo wie

September 25 2019

seoul, dotolim


cloud scissors by lo wie
w/ lo wie

July 1 2019 16-18h

bern, rathaus- and postgasse

w/ Tomás Cabado

June 16 2019 17h / 19h

solothurn, säulenhalle landhaus

zeitfenster: kompositionen für die säulenhalle

DNK Amsterdam:
Seamus Cater (composition, voice, concertina)
Koen Nutters (composition, upright bass, voice)
Martijn Tellinga (composition, electronics, voice)
joined by Stefan Thut (composition, cello, voice)

May 24 2019 19h

warszawa, bílý koníček czyli biały konik, ulica kredytowa 1


preceded by antoine beuger's
'sound' and 'ein klang' (1997/1999)

Max Bober, violin

May 17 2019 19h

bern, münster, gewölbesaal daniel heintz

(ehemalige turmwartwohnung)

hoch hinaus

Marianne Schuppe: behind 2
Stefan Thut: afore
Marc Kilchenmann: inner core, 2. etüde

mit Marianne Schuppe (Stimme), Marc Kilchenmann (Fagott), Stefan Thut (Violoncello)

April 13 2019 7pm

london, 12 cassland rd, thornton heath
cosy nook


April 12 2019 8pm

london, 90 southwarkbridge road
london improvisation workshop

April 11 2019 7:30pm

london, iklectik20 carlisle lane

two strings and three

with Angharad Davies (violin), Phil Durrant (mandolin), Laura Lee (guitar),
Stefan Thut (cello), Artur Vidal (saxophone), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (voice), Harry Whalley (small instruments), Yifeat Ziv (voice)

April 10 2019 4:30pm

uca farnham, james hockey gallery


with Chris Jones (guitar), Arusik Nanyan (guitar), Anna Menzies (cello), Stefan Thut (cello), Emmanuelle Waeckerle (voice), Harry Whalley (small instruments)

March 16 2019

solothurn, theater delly, gerberngasse 11

Leo Svirsky: new work (2019)
Jeromos Kamphuis: Parsifal lesen (2017/18), 1. Aufzug

Germaine Sijstermans: call, there (2018)
Jeromos Kamphuis: Parsifal lesen, 2. Aufzug
Stefan Thut: around (2017)
Jeromos Kamphuis: Parsifal lesen, 3. Aufzug

Jeromos Kamphuis (keyboard, voice), Germaine Sijstermans (clarinet, voice), Leo Svirsky (accordion, voice) and Stefan Thut (cello, voice)

March 9 2019 19h

warszawa, kawiarnii muzeumu etnograficznego, ulica kredytowa 1

anew (2018)

and music by Tomás Cabado,
"musica extensible" (2018 - ongoing)
"piezas en un papel muy liviano" (2018)

Max Bober, skrzypce

January 13 2019 17h

solothurn, poetariat, löwengasse 16

20160 by manfred werder and

w/ Manfred Werder

special guest: Robert Blatt (USA)

sábado 24 de noviembre 2018 19h

buenos aires, en Espacio de Arte Fundación OSDE

y Michael Pisaro's harmony series


Emiliano Salvatore - guitarra
Martín Vijnovich - glockenspiel
Gabriela Areal - cello

Luciano Vitale - flauta
Tomás Cabado - tonos

November 11 2018

tokyo, new release 'sextet' on ftarri/meenna 979

amidst (2017)

and scores written by wakana ikeda, yoko ikeda, taku sugimoto, manfred werder

Minami Saeki - voice
Wakana Ikeda - flute
Yoko Ikeda - viola
Taku Sugimoto - guitar
Stefan Thut - cello
Manfred Werder - glockenspiel, typewriter
recorded at Theater Delly, Solothurn on October 9, 2017

November 10 2018 14h

zürich hb - josefstrasse

20170 by manfred werder and

w/ Manfred Werder

November 5 and 12 2018 14h


cave at wildmanngraben


October 27 2018 20:30

paris, cave du 49 rue polonceau

musique minimaliste avec
Félicie Bazelaire - contrebasse
Taku Sugimoto - guitar
Léo Dupleix - ordinateur
Stefan Thut - violoncelle

and scores by Bazelaire, Dupleix, Sugimoto

October 10 2018

new york, new release on elsewheremusic:

about (2017)

they knew each other or they heard about each other
they met as the current formation for the first time
during the session they were with their fading sounds
while being together they enjoyed leaving time and space for each other
at times someone moved back to say something from a few steps away
in the end they happened to find themselves elsewhere

Ryoko Akama - electronics
Stephen Chase - guitar
Eleanor Cully - piano
Patrick Farmer - metal percussion
lo wie - tingsha
Stefan Thut - cello

composition by Stefan Thut
project initiated by Ryoko Akama
recorded by Simon Reynell at Phipps Hall, University of Huddersfield on September 30, 2017 
mastered by Taku Unami
produced by Yuko Zama

September 16 2018 17h

derendingen, chappeli, biberiststrasse

Musik für Violoncello solo aus vier Jahrhunderten

James Tenney (1934 – 2006): Cellogram (1971)
Domenico Gabrielli (1651-1690): Ricercar Nr. 2 (1689)
Tom Johnson (*1939): Tilework for Cello – six voice canons  (2002)
Taku Sugimoto (*1965): Solo for Violoncello 1(2018)
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750): Suite Nr. 5 c-moll BWV 1011 (1720)

August 21 - 25 2018

düsseldorf, kunstraum, himmelgeisterstrasse 107

within antoine beuger's project klangraum 'day to day, 2':

zwei, 1-20

July 16 2018 14h - 

bern, länggasse - bremgartenwald

lo wie: htmnp

Catriel Nievas and Stefan Thut

July 14 2018 19:00, doors at 18:00

zürich, schlosserei nenniger, grubenstrasse 29

Manfred Werder and Stefan Thut

June 27 2018 20:30

biel/bienne, voirie, brunngasse 1

four and one

within Christian Müller's project «Instable Systems», 26. - 29.Juni 2018
four days, twelve performances by Gaudenz Badrutt, Christian Kobi, Philipp Läng, Christian Müller & Michael Carter, Thomas Peter, Annette Schmucki, Stefan Thut, Robert Torche und Strotter Inst.

June 17 2018

solothurn, säulenhalle landhaus

wort und klang

Antoine Beuger: to collect and to recite (2017)

Marc Kilchenmann: inner core (2018)
Stefan Thut: afore (2018)
Marianne Schuppe: behind (2018)

Marc Kilchenmann, bassoon and zither
Stefan Thut, cello and zither
Marianne Schuppe, voice and zither joined by Antoine Beuger, voice, for the performance at 18h

May 30 2018 19h

st. petersburg, ligovsky prospect 53, Арт-центр "Пушкинская-10", block B, 2nd floor, 2,04 gallery
Денис Сорокин (Denis Sorokin), electric guitar:

Dante Boon
"Duo (guitar)" (2018)
Stefan Thut
"un/accompanied guitar, 1-32" (2016)

May 27 2018

tokyo, cd released, ftarri 984

taku sugimoto - stefan thut
ten strings, 1-24

Taku Sugimoto - guitar
Stefan Thut - cello

recorded in basel on march 21 2015

May 5 2018

berlin, echo bücher, grüntalerstrasse 9

Release Event for mumei journal SIX: the latest physical edition of mumei publishing. SIX is a collection of text scores with contributions by: Seiji Morimoto, Nomi Epstein, Salome Voegelin, Eva-Maria Houben, Stefan Thut and Yan Jun

performance of selections from SIX by: Heather Frasch, Joe Kudirka (five and seven), Rebecca Lane, Seiji Morimoto, and Koen Nutter

March 24 2018

DNK days project #1

presentation of mumei journal SIX

Ryoko Akama and Heather Frasch

performance of scores by Salomé Voegelin, Seiji Morimoto and
five and seven (2017)

March 17 2018

DNK days event #2

atop (2018), performed by DNK ensemble:
Seamus Cater, Koen Nutters, Martijn Tellinga joined by Stefan Thut

and works by
James Tenney, performed by Mario Calderone Trio, and
Eliane Radigue, performed by Catherine Lamb

February 17 2018 15h

göteborg, konsthallen

Worte und Taten (2018)      Julia Eckhardt
vier, 1-12 (2010)                 Stefan Thut
Notes and Noises (2012)     Dominic Lash
Rydal Mount (2012)            Angharad Davies

performed by themselves

February 5 2018

moscow, auction and museum art4

eine/r, 2 (performed by Polina Momotova)
and scores by Boon, Brandes, Sfirri, Shepard

February 2 2018

exeter, st. nicholas' priory
a quiet night in

zwei, 1-20 (performed by Billie Harbottle and Tony Whitehead)
and scores by Daniel Brandes, Jürg Frey, Alison Knowles, Anastassis Philippakopoulos, Christian Wolff

January 20 2018

portland, usa
extradition series, winter concert

five and three boxes (performed by Lee Elderton, Branic Howard, Catherine Lee, Gina Lunde, Rebecca Olason)
and scores by Markus Trunk, Patrick Farmer, Hanna Hartman, Alvin Lucier

October 26 2017 20h

liebefeld, schützenstrasse 14
as part of Schiebung @Kunstraum gepard14 hosted by Strotter Inst.

two strings and four boxes (2017)

October 10 2017 19:30

basel, atelierkonzert, klingentalstrasse 72


October 8 2017 20h

solothurn, theater delly

visitors from japan

Ikeda Wakana (flute), Ikeda Yoko (viola), Saeki Minami (voice), Sugimoto Taku (guitar)
Manfred Werder (varia), Stefan Thut (cello) and perform their own works

namsan #26

October 3, 2017
9 - 10:30
london, clissold park

October 2, 2017
10:30 - 23:00
london, abney park and stoke newington church street

lo wie + stefan thut
- htmnp (lo wie)
- imprints, 0 (stefan thut)
- atwain (stefan thut)

October 1 2017

london, cello factory, 35A cornwall rd.
polyproject 8: scripting sound

lo wie, ryoko akama, will montgomery, stefan thut:

CLOUD SCISSORS_trans by lo wie (2017)
proposal six (2016) by ryoko akama
four, four (2016)

September 29 2017

sheffield, access space, 3-7 sidney street

lo wie, ryoko akama, stefan thut:

15h - 18h
open workshop / con-current activity 'back and forth' / book event

CLOUD SCISSORS_trans by lo wie (2017)
proposal one + two (2016) by ryoko akama
away (2017)

July 18 - 23 2017

düsseldorf, kunstraum, himmelgeisterstrasse 107a

klangraum 2017 week 1


June 11 2017

solothurn, säulenhalle landhaus

Kunsu Shim: still, hafis, denn auch diese geschichte will ein ende (1998)

Joseph Kudirka: String Trio (2015)
Kunsu Shim: Luftrand (2000)
Joseph Kudirka: new work (2017)
Anton Webern: Satz für Streichtrio (1925)
Þráinn Hjálmarsson: Lucid / Opaque (2015)

Daniela Müller, violin
Andreas Kunz, violin and viola
Stefan Thut, cello

17 - 22h:
Joseph Kudirka: untitled, untitled, untitled (2013)

May 15 2017

aussen raum
cassette release on noticerecordings, portland, US
recorded in 2015 by Seth Cooke, bristol, UK
This version of ‘aussen raum’ – a realisation of Stefan Thut’s text-based score – uses recordings and non-recordings of an oft-ridiculed water feature built atop and supposedly symbolising the redirected and culverted River Frome beneath Bristol’s Harbourside. This botched and banal public art is the centrepiece of a perpetually contested inner-city site in flux over seven centuries. The recording was made in 2015, and the location is being remodelled yet again at the time of writing in 2017.Partially inspired by Bristolian artist Richard Long’s 1967 work ‘A Line Made by Walking’, the piece involved repeatedly treading a single straight path through the fountains and the cascade. Recordings of four of these tracings are presented in this release. It comments on trends and superstitions in field recording – relating to water, human activity positioned in opposition to the ‘natural’, and assumptions about the capability of sound to represent ‘place’. SC

April 23 2017 20h

hafnarfjörður, hafnarborg


apart (2017)
Jürg Frey: Ferne Farben (2013), Lieues d'Ombres (2009)
Þráinn Hjálmarsson, Berglind María Tómasdóttir, Stefan Thut

with students from the iceland academy of the arts:
along (2016)

April 21 2017 13h

reykjavik, iceland academy of the arts

symposium and workshop: music of the wandelweiser

Berglind María Tómasdóttir, composer/performer
Kristín Þóra Haraldsdóttir, composer/performer
Stefan Thut, composer/performer
Þráinn Hjálmarsson, composer
Chair: Einar Torfi Einarsson

April 13 2017 19h

buenos aires, caso cnb
música experimental de cámara

works by Gidron, Sabat, Salvatore, Cabado and
vier, fünf

Emiliano Salvatore - guitarra, Tomás Cabado - guitarra, Luciano Vitale - flauta,
Santiago Pedernera - clarinete, Gabriela Areal - cello

April 7 2017 18h

solothurn, theater delly

un/accompanied guitar, 1-32
and works by JS Bach and Daniel Weissberg
Jaap van Bemmelen, guitar

April 3 2017

cd-release out on moving furniture records

Cristián Alvear, Cyril Bondi, d'incise:
abc, 1-6
recorded in Santiago de Chile in December 2014

reviewed by Sven Schlijper-Karssenberg: vital weekly #1076

March 11 2017 19h

zürich, schlosserei nenniger, grubenstrasse 29

Taku Sugimoto: duo for guitar and violoncello (2017)
Manfred Werder: 3 ausführende (1999-)
Stefan Thut: away (2017)

Taku Sugimoto, Manfred Werder, Stefan Thut

March 4 2017 20h

solothurn, theater delly

Gaudenz Badrutt, Bryan Eubanks, Stefan Thut

abc, 1-6 (2012)
Bryan Eubanks: low frequency group (2010)
Michael Winter: preliminary thoughts (2016)


March 3 2017 20h

biel / bienne, stadion gurzelen, falkenstrasse 3

Gaudenz Badrutt, Bryan Eubanks, Stefan Thut

collective work about the former football stadium

February 17 2017

kaliningrad, art-platform “vorota”

{instead} ensemble:
stefan thut: givens, 1-16 / yuri akbalkan: ÷ ² / manfred werder: 2013 (1-5), 2014 (1) / georgy dorokhov: manifesto-ii
performers: elizaveta akbalkan, violin / gleb dushkin, violin / anna dushkina, viola / alexandra korableva, piano, objects / darya ponomareva, thereminvox / oleg karanov, electronics, laptop / danil akimov, electronics / yuri akbalkan, electronics / denis zapolskiy, gregory korablev, maria konshina, lina wacker, dmitri shmygin, ulyana myzgina, dmitri kulikov, anastasia antypkina, play -devices, objects


February 12 2017 20h

amsterdam, vondelkerk
4th day of amsterdam wandelweiser festival
KONZERT MINIMAL performing works by Nutters, Singh, Werder, Beuger, Pisaro and
around (2017)

January 21 2017 19h

biel, la voirie

with Hans Koch at the hugo panzer festival

December 12 2016

bilbao, bizkaia aretoia, avenida abandoibarra, 3


10am - 2pm: workshop along movements in space

6pm: four, four; performance along movements in space

workshop participants, Héctor Rey, Antoine Beuger, Manfred Werder, Stefan Thut

December 6 2016

cd-release on bruit:

Jonas Kocher plays
Christian Kesten - Untitled (solo for accordion) (2014)
Stefan Thut - eine/r 1-6 (2007)

reviewed by julien hérod

November 19 2016 20h

tokyo, ftarri

vier, fünf

and a work by ryoko akama (3+3=3)

suidobashi chamber ensemble: Wakana Ikeda (flute), Taku Sugimoto (guitar), Yoko Ikeda (viola), Aya Naito (bassoon), Masahiko Okura (clarinet)

October 27 2016 10:30 - 11:30h


within a zone of mushrooms

Sugimoto - Thut

October 26 2016

solothurn, kunstmuseum

zur Ausstellung Zeit verstreichen - Moment und Dauer in der Gegenwartskunst

17h - Prélude im Park

imprints, 1-4
Manfred Werder: ein(e) ausführende(r)

19h - Konzert im Museum

two strings and three

Manfred Werder: 5 ausführende
Taku Sugimoto: quintet

Yoko Ikeda, Wakana Ikeda, Taku Sugimoto, Manfred Werder, Stefan Thut

October 25 2016 20h

zürich, stolze 18

Yoko Ikeda, Wakana Ikeda, Taku Sugimoto, Manfred Werder, Stefan Thut

October 1 2016 17-19h

münchen, haus der kunst

eine/r, 1-6
one and four boxes


July 18 2016 20h

london, cafe oto

and works by
Nomi Epstein, Billie Howard, James E. Klopfleisch, Colin Wambsgans, Bruno Guastalla, Angharad Davies

Set Ensemble with Nomi Epstein

June 7 2016 19:30h

basel, atelierkonzert, klingentalstrasse 72

d’incise: Appalachian Anatolia (14th century)
Nicolás Carrasco Díaz: intemperie #7, #9

Cristián Alvear Montecino, Christian Müller, Stefan Thut

June 6 2016 21h

biel-bienne, la voirie

Santiago Astaburuaga: pieza de escucha I
Nicolás Carrasco Díaz: intemperie #8
Stefan Thut: un/accompanied guitar, 1-32
Yuri Akbalkan: 0.1

Cristián Alvear Montecino, Christian Müller, Stefan Thut

June 5 2016

säulenhalle landhaus solothurn

Nicolás Carrasco Díaz: soporte #2 [mi fin es mi comienzo] (2014), intemperie #13 and #14 (2014/15)
Santiago Astaburuaga: la perpetuidad del esbozo (2011)

Jürg Frey: Guitarist, alone (2013)
Stefan Thut: one and seven (2015)

Cristián Alvear Montecino, Antoine Läng, Alexis Degrenier, Cyril Bondi, d'incise, Patricia Bosshard, Raphaël Ortis, Rodolphe Loubatière, Stefan Thut

May 22 2016 19h

the sump, 1563 decatur st, queens, ny 11385
vier, 1-12

diffusion of d'incise's four-channel version
among works by Yuzo Kako, Janiv Oron, Elias Merino and a live-set by Colliding Fields, Richard Garet and Zimoun

May 11 2016 19:30

sheffield, over the top, king field rd

May 10 2016 19:30

leeds, LIME

ab, 1-60 (120)
imprints, 1-7

Rishin Singh

March 24 2016 20h

solothurn, second hand - les belles choses, löwengasse 16

Michael Pisaro: Irais, serais, dirais [harmony series no. 8e]

distance between two (2) (Belorukov / Thut - ending with Daniil Pilchen's produced under control)

Ilia Belorukov, Stefan Thut

February 17 2016 19h

turku, b-galleria

Taku Sugimoto: mada (2014)

Johnny Chang: "I walk out of the terrain with counting steps" (2013)
Stefan Thut: abc, 1-6 (2012)

Ilia Belorukov, Lauri Hyvärinen, Stefan Thut

February 16 2016 20h

helsinki, vaipaan taiteen tila

un/even and one (2015)
Ilia Belorukov, Seidi Guzejev, Lauri Hyvärinen, Tuukka Haapakorpi, Stefan Thut

distance between two (Belorukov / Thut)

February 15 2016 17 - 20h

helsinki, vaipaan taiteen tila

activation of found spaces through the field
workshop, collective action

February 10 2016 20:30 h

jerusalem, hanson house

drei, 1-21
Tom Soloveitsik, Yoni Niv, Dan Weinstein
aside Ido Govrin's reading of his texts

February 8 2016

release on intonema

un/even and one (2015)
Yuri Akbalkan, Anna Antipova, Ilia Belorukov, Andrey Popovskiy, Denis Sorokin, Stefan Thut

interview about the release in russian and english

January 13 2016 20h

santiago de chile, diagonal rancagua 891, providencia

two and four (2014)
Christian Müller
Cristián Alvear

January 12 2016

release on INSUB

one and seven (2015)
Antoine Läng, Alexis Degrenier, Cyril Bondi, d'incise, Patricia Bosshard, Raphael Ortis, Rodolphe Loubatière, Stefan Thut

review (italian)

December 5/6/7 2015 15 - 18h

intervention within the installation 'Rhythms of Presence' by Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec

at errant bodies project space, berlin

four and one (2015)
Thut’s intervening activities within Tao Vrhovec Sambolec’s installation at Errant Bodies Project Space Berlin involve recording, playback and walking inside the gallery space, mirroring inherent themes of the installation itself. Each one of four sectors of the space is recorded through the resonance of an acoustic instrument evoked by the ‚Rhythms Of Presence’. The recordings obtained are played back at four positions via plates of cardboard. The performing activity is to turn the devices on and off resp. to set them into a state of ‚0‘ resp. ‚1‘. Going from one position to the other equals the change from one state to another within a 4-digit gray-code arranged on a so-called ‚Karnaugh-map‘, a complete cycle encompassing 16 states. The cadence regarding the change within the pattern is reciprocally dependent on the uncontrollable ‚Rhythms Of Presence‘: in reality Thut’s activity is controlled by the unknown passersby. The secondary sound-installation is driven by and derived from the primary setting at Errant Bodies Project Space echoing previous moments in time and producing a bodily inhabitation/intervention. 

October 24 2015

16:50 / 18:12 / 19:34

solo cello at klang im dach, münchen

Carlo Inderhees: 1 Stimme2 / 1 Stimme3 / 1 Stimme6

October 9 2015 21h

cruce, c/ dr. fourquet, 5, madrid

some, 1-4
Johnny Chang / colectivo maDam

September 18 2015

release on ex-nihilorecords

eine/r, 1-6 (2007)
Tomas Gris
David Area

July 3/4/5 2015

kunstraum düsseldorf


within works by antoine beuger, eva-maria houben and many others:

ab, 1-60 (120) edition of thirty transparent papers


June 22 2015 14-23h

experimental sound gallery st. petersburg

Stefan Thut: lecture/workshop 
activation of found spaces through the field

Antoine Beuger: ashbery tunings for ten

Stefan Thut: un/even and one (2015) 
Mark Hannesson: hoarfrost (2014) 
Craig Shepard: heartbeat (2) (1998) 
Carlo Inderhees: acht minuten (1997) 
Daniel Brandes: intimations of melody (2012) 
Eva-Maria Houben: aeolian harp (2009) 
Taylan Susam: for joseph kudirka (2006)

April 26 2015 20h

säulenhalle landhaus solothurn

Lucio Capece: Modes Study (2015)
Stefan Thut: two and two, 1-14 (2015)

April 4 2015 afternoon

two in two cavities
47° 11′ 24.64″ N
7° 31′ 43.89″ E

Derek Shirley / Stefan Thut: performance, recording

March 21 2015 21:00h

oslo10, basel

Taku Sugimoto (guit): new work
Stefan Thut (vc): ten strings, 1-24

March 18 2015 20:30h

DUPLEX, 9 rue des amis, les grottes, genève

Taku Sugimoto (guit): new work
Stefan Thut (vc): ten strings, 1-24

March 17 2015

release on speculationseditions

zwei, 1-20 (2008)
Matt Earnshaw
Joshua Adam Acosta

February 25 2015 20h

holy trinity church, london

as part of: A Few Silence

two (strings) and boxes
and works by G. Douglas Barrett, Jürg Frey, Antoine Beuger

curated by John Lely; Mira Benjamin, Alex Kolkowski, Tim Parkinson, James Saunders

February 20 2015 20h

künstlerhaus s11, solothurn

illogical harmonies: Johnny Chang, vl - Mike Majkowski, cb & Stefan Thut, vc

improvisation and a composition by Kirill Shirokov (for violin, violoncello and double bass)

November 14 2014

Španski Borci, ljubljana

as part of: neposlušno - sounddisobedience

two and four (2014)

Radu Malfatti: bass mouthorgan
Stefan Thut: recording / diffusion

For ‚two (performers) and four (playback devices)’ implements a recording session into the actual moment of the performance. The interdependent setting of an instrumentalist and its recordist is the point of departure for the piece. Every instrumental sound is taken as a single incident, being recorded and spatialized thereafter. The quadrupel playback system enables to distribute the sound events in both time and space available. Linear succession of events is gradually expanded to that of a superimposition of events as a concretization of mental processes during the act of listening.

October 26 2014 20h

galéria mérida, mérida

as part of Cha'ak'ab Paaxil 2014

ab, 1-10
and works by Manfred Werder and Antoine Beuger

Cristián Alvear: guitar
Greg Stuart: percussion

October 19 2014 20:30h

ausland, berlin

OBLIQ with Stefan Thut

September 27/28

studio z, st paul, minneapolis

wandelweiser festival, premiering nine new works by:
Antoine Beuger: desert into dwelling place
Dante Boon: st. paul
Johnny Chang: citara I/II

Jürg Frey: Movement, Ground, Fragility

Eva-Maria Houben: places to listen
Radu Malfatti: Kyougo
Michael Pisaro: Extinguished
Stefan Thut: six and two, 1-2
Manfred Werder: 2014(2)

September 7 2014 16:45h

Platz Ort Wort Klang forum schlossplatz aarau

one and two, 2014
along works by Jürg Frey and Manfred Werder

August 28 2014 20h

club le larraskito, bilbao

eine/r, 1-6
Héctor Rey, violin

and music by azunak, douglas barrett/konbo sekreo, miquel parera and a video by berta escalas

August 27 2014 20h

stolze 18, 8006 zürich

collaboration with Johnny Chang

August 24 2014 16h

Journées de la Création Musicale Suisse 2014 Cernier (NE)

à l'écoute - près du verger

one and two (2014)
microphone, zither, devices, speakers

Jürg Frey: équilibre fragile (2014)
Manfred Werder: 2014/2

July 22 2014

video shooting about 'imprints, 2':

July 15 2014

release on con-v with darius ciuta:

in reference to a wind recording
meteorological data as a scheme for single sound actions
an arrow as the average wind (sound) direction within a unit of time
the arrows to be articulated by two performers individually
a process of accumulation in an arrangement of six parts

June 22 2014

release on diafani with bruno duplant:
the fullest extent of possible movements in two particular places

reviewed by brian olewnick

June 16, 2014, 21:30h

cave12, genève

Stefan Thut: four and two, 1-9 (2014)
Radu Malfatti: shoguu (2013)

Johnny Chang, Jonas Kocher, Radu Malfatti, Stefan Thut

June 15, 2014, 18/19/20h

säulenhalle landhaus solothurn

18h: four concurrent solo-performances by
Johnny Chang: Transference & Transmission (5) - utterances of viola, saxophone, electric guitar
Jonas Kocher: improvisation
Radu Malfatti: claude-lorrain 1
Stefan Thut: imprints, 4

19h: entr'acte
Patrick Farmer: This has already had a history (3)

20h: two compositions for quartet
Stefan Thut: four and two, 1-9 (2014)
Radu Malfatti: shoguu (2013)

Johnny Chang, Jonas Kocher, Radu Malfatti, Stefan Thut

May 11, 2014, 16h

kings place, london

two strings and boxes (2) (2012/13)
and works by Tim Parkinson, Matteo Fargion, James Saunders, John White, Travis Just

parkinson saunders

April 4           église saint merry, paris        
April 6 cave12, genève
April 13         ausland, berlin
April 14         atelierkonzert klingentalstrasse 72, basel
April 15         la voirie, bienne

eine/r, 1-6
and works by Antoine Chessex, Christian Kesten, Alvin Lucier

Jonas Kocher, accordion

March 20, 2014

new release:

equinox, solstice (2010)

Rhizome.s 4

reviewed by brian olewnick and frans de waard and julien héraud

February 20, 2014, 20h

klang im turm, münchen

two and four (2014)
christoph nicolaus, stoneharp
stefan thut, recording/diffusion

January 26, 2014, 16h

centre d'art contemporain, genève

along the exhibition of nelly haliti:

zwei, 1-20
diatribes: d'incise and cyril bondi, rotating floortoms

new release:

drei, 1-21 (2009)

johnny chang, violin
sam sfirri, melodica
jürg frey, clarinet

edition wandelweiser records ewr 1308

reviewed by héctor cabrerojulien héraud, brian olewnick and ilja belorukov

          
          

          
          

          
          

          
          

          
          

          
          

          
          

October 17 2013
musici salon, zagreb

eine/r, 2; one and two boxes

October 16 2013
menza pri koritu, ljubljana

eine/r, 2; one and two boxes

October 13 2013, 20:30h
rex, beograd

eine/r, 2; one and two boxes

September 22 2013, 20h
kopfhoererkonzert @ lokal-int, biel (CH)

a volume or two (2012) / one and four boxes (2013)

September 12 2013, 20h
tel aviv

zwei, 1-20; zwei, 1-20
Yoav Beirach, Dan Weinstein, Yoni Niv, Tom Soloveitzik

August 18 2013, 21h
barbur gallery jerusalem

drei, 1-21
Yoni Niv, Tom Soloveitzik, Yoav Beirach

and a work by tom soloveitzik/yoni niv

August 17 2013, 17h
dogstar 9, concert 9
wild beast at CalArts, valencia (usa)

abc, 1-6
Colin Wambsgans, Michael Pisaro, Stephen Touchton

and works by dante boon, daniel brandes, jason brogan, johnny chang, jeromos kamphuis, sam sfirri, taylan susam

July 31, August 2, 3 and 7 2013, 20h
kunstraum düsseldorf

two strings and boxes
one and three boxes, 1-3 (2013)
keys, 1-20 (2013)
five and three boxes
video: URL

Johnny Chang, Stefan Thut, John McAlpine, Antoine Beuger, Marcus Kaiser, Irene Kurka

June 17 2013, 19h
atelier pia maria, biel

one and two boxes (2013)
viola, cardboard, audio document

June 16 2013, 18h
space eauuu, kobe

guitar, guitar, 1-11
Oda, Takeuchi

May 21 2013
nizhni novgorod

zwei, 1-20
noname ensemble

May 2 2013, 19h

kunstmuseum solothurn

reeds, strings, boxes (2013)
Jonas Kocher, Stefan Thut

April 10 2013, 20h
109 gallery, williamsburg, brooklyn

some, 1-4
Jason Brogan, Jack Callahan, John P. Hastings, Richard Kamerman, Dominic Lash

April 2 2013
'two strings and boxes' with johnny chang and stefan thut
released on


brian olewnick: URL
daniel barbiero: URL
julien héraud: URL

rigobert dittmann (bad alchemy #77):

STEFAN THUT, Komponist & Cellist in Solothurn, und Johny Chang, Komponist & Geiger in Berlin, spielen Two Strings and Boxes (Flexion Records, flex_005) von Thut. Allerdings erklingen dabei nicht ihre gelernten Instrumente, sondern Zither & Object. Ohne Sicht auf das Geschehen, wie es sich am 4. Juni 2012 in der Reithalle Solothurn abspielte, sondieren die Ohren den Hörraum, um ein Schaben, Wischen oder Zittern zu erhaschen, das sich von dem unterscheidet, was man Stille nennt. Thut und Chang sind ebenfalls Mitglieder der Künstlergruppe Wandelweiser, die vor allem Zweierlei eint: Kleinerenteils die aufgehobene Arbeitsteilung zwischen Komponisten und Interpreten. Größerenteils Cage und Wolff verpflichtete Vorlieben für reduzierte, 'stille' und sublime Musiken, auch wenn Michael Pisaro betont, dass 'Wandelweiser' nicht für einen Stil steht. Nicht zufällig ist Radu Malfatti einer von ihnen und zugleich ein Bindeglied zu improvisatorischen Parallelaktionen. Wie beim japanischen Onkyo und den Ästhetiken, wie sie favorisiert werden von Labels wie Erstwhile, Non Visual Objects oder Another Timbre, das die Hochzeit von Indeterminacy und Improvisation mit der 6 x CD-Box Wandelweiser und so weiter feierte, wird der Klang reduziert, verkleinert oder abgeflacht, entsprechend Keith Rowes von fernöstlichen Vorstellungen mitbestimmten 'Ästhetik des Flachen'. Bei Thut ist die Reduktion, man könnte auch sagen: das Wachsen der Stille, besonders extrem. Der Klang abgenagt wie ein blanker Knochen. Schablaute, die wie geblasen, wie gehaucht klingen, wenn es da was zum Blasen gäbe. Dazu fein dröhnende Haltetöne. Ein Feld, das nur von Luft berührt, magnetisiert oder elektrifiziert wird. Bei geschlossenen Lidern erscheint ein Nichtort, ein 'anderer', von menschlichem Wollen und Machen und sogar von Raum und Zeit noch unbestimmter, nur gehegter 'weißer' Fleck. Vielleicht.

February 23 2013, 17h
kultur und kongresshaus aarau

five and three boxes (2012)
Johnny Chang, Angharad Davies, Jürg Frey, Tim Parkinson, Stefan Thut

January 27 2013, 16h
unertitel, berlin

'am wind' and works by michael pisaro and alvin lucier
Derek Shirley, Hannes Lingens, Johnny Chang

recordings of the scores many, 1-4 and vier, 1-12 are included in the wandelweiser und so weiter collection on the label 'another timbre' URL

julien héraud: improv-sphere1 improv-sphere2
brian olewnick: just outside
richard pinnell: the watchful ear
dan sorrells: freejazzblog

a volume or two (2012)
appears on wm30m compilation: a collection of works dealing specifically with unprocessed field recordings curated by ben owen URL

Oxford, November 5 - 10 2012

Significant Landscapes – an exploration of sound, silence and writing including a live premier of Michael Pisaro’s July Mountain; givens, 1-16, a work written specially for the event by Stefan Thut; Writing Sound, a symposium featuring contributions from Salomé Voegelin, Michael Pisaro, Amy Cutler, Daniela Cascella, David Stent, Patrick Farmer.
Plus, on the 10th November there will be an all day event at the Holywell Music Hall in Oxford, eight hours of new works written for the event performed by the Set Ensemble, plus guests, Michael Pisaro, James Saunders and Stefan Thut.

Monday November 5th, 9am - 9am. Other dates TBC. 
Oxford Brookes University, Richard Hamilton Building. OX3 0BP
innen raum, 1-20
A 24 hour playback of a sound installation by Stefan Thut.

Friday November 9th, doors open 7:30pm, for a prompt 8:00pm start.
St Columba's Church, Alfred Street, Oxford, OX1 4EH. 
Live premier of Michael Pisaro's July Mountain and Stefan Thut's givens 1-16.

Participating in this concert will be; Daniel Bennet, Seth Cooke, Stephen Cornford, Jane Dickson, Lawrence Dunn, Patrick Farmer, Bruno Guastalla, Jack Harris, Kostis Kilymis, Lina Lapelyte, Dominic Lash, Will Montgomery, Michael Pisaro, Samuel Rodgers, David Stent, Greg Stuart, Fern Thomas, Stefan Thut, Paul Whitty.

Saturday November 10th, 2pm - 10pm.
The Holywell Music Room, Oxford, OX1 3BN.
An all day event featuring the Set Ensemble and the James Saunders led Material.

Writing scores and performing in this all day event will be: Antoine Beuger, Jason Brogan, Patrick Farmer, Jürg Frey, Bruno Guastalla, Sarah Hughes, Dominic Lash, Michael Pisaro, Tim Parkinson, Manfred Werder, 
Paul Whitty,

Stefan Thut (sieben, 1-4; seven and three boxes).

September 1, 2012

2 - 5 pm

cave at wildmanngraben
47° 11′ 24.64″ N
7° 31′ 43.89″ E

Nicolás Carrasco Díaz
sin título #8

Stefan Thut
aussen raum

Nicolás Carrasco Díaz and Stefan Thut: performance

August 31, 2012

'AufZeit' _ concert series in the attic of the künstlerhaus s11, solothurn (CH)

8 pm   performance/installation

one and three boxes, 2012

audio documents from june 3 and august 31, 2012:

June 3, 2012

Säulenhalle Landhaus, Solothurn (CH)

18:00h installation

Stefan Thut: equinox (2010), solstice (2010)

20:00h performance

Antoine Beuger: ô monde sur deux tiges (2011)
Johnny Chang: folk music background (2012)
Stefan Thut: two strings and boxes (2012)

Johnny Chang: Viola, Zither, Object
Mitsuteru Takeuchi: Recording
Stefan Thut: Recording, Cello, Zither, Object

April 29, 2012, 15:00h, Bois de Vincennes (F), Monument de Beethoven

some, 1-4 (2009) and works by Christian Wolff, Michael Pisaro, James Saunders, Jürg Frey,
Manfred Werder
ensemble daedalus and guests;

April 11, 2012, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00h
Universidad de Chile, Campus Juan Gómez Millas, Las Encinas 3370 Ñuñoa
Jornada Wandelweiser
some, 1-4 (2009) and works by Radu Malfatti, Manfred Werder, Antoine Beuger, Michael Pisaro

March 24, 2012, 20:00h, chez Jonas Kocher, Biel (CH)
eine/r, 1-6 (2007) Stefan Thut, Cello
and music by Jonas Kocher and Chris Heenan

February 18, 2012, 20:00h
Umlaut Festival Berlin @ Ausland
vier, 1-12 (2010) Lucio Capece, Johnny Chang, Koen Nutters, Hannes Lingens
and music by Philip Zoubek & Florian Bergman, Peeping Tom

investigations by mitsueru takeuchi and stefan thut about the scores equinox and solstice at the same UTC-times in kobe (J) and solothurn (CH):

equinox, march 21 2011 22:51–23:51
solstice, june 21 2011 16:46-17:46
equinox, september 23 2011 08:34-09:34
solstice, december 22 2011 05:00-06:00

leerraum [ ] solo konzerte
december 10 2011 21h
tonus-music labor, kramgasse 10, 3000 bern (CH)
strotter inst. (manipulated turntables)
stefan thut (vc): eine/r, 1-6*

*renderings of the score are available with Orin Hildestad (URL), Nicolás Carrasco (URL)

a note about the performance from 2011 at säulenhalle landhaus solothurn: the live recording of works by Johnny Herbert, John Lely, Dominic Lash, Stefan Thut, Michael Pisaro is downloadable here: URL

cassette-release wm26 on windsmeasurercordings:

stefan thut  am wind
recorded in april and may 2010

taku unami  +-50
performed by taku unami, sine waves and stefan thut, cello

from richard pinnell's review:

What I assume to be the score to am wind is printed onto a beautiful little letterpress card tucked inside the tape’s sleeve. The simple, poetic text score is as follows;

at night
close to the wind
(as a field recording: unprocessed)
For this particular realisation of the work Thut has placed a microphone in a position to catch the wind, and has then set the recording down as follows:
am wind 17:00
silence 1:32
am wind 17:00
silence 1:32
So we have a seventeen minute field recording, a break and then another recording of the same length, followed by a contemplative silence and then the end. Its hard to know if there is a purpose for this work other than to create something quite remarkably beautiful, but certainly this much has been achieved. Thut has placed a microphone or two in an urban sight during high winds. For the first part we hear the rush of the wind, strong, picking up even further into billows here and there, I think blowing through trees, maybe in a park or something similar as the song of a few hardy birds can be heard buried amongst it all. Every so often other sounds impact the recording, a distant hum of traffic, other, closer vehicles, the occasional car door closing, dogs barking, and at one point a loud overhead aircraft, the dull roar of which blended beautifully with the wind.
The silence comes with a jolt, and we have time to reset our ears before the next windy recording, this time less dense, with what sounds like a sheet of microphone gain hissing thinly on top of everything. The recording this time may not be out of doors, but somewhere quieter. The wind sound smote muffled, and while external sounds can be heard- more aircraft, maybe even a train, they are buried deeper and it is harder to tell them apart from the sound of the wind. This piece of music is really lovely, the kind of thing I can happily play all day, though being a tape, to listen to it several times in succession as I like to do when reviewing means rewinding it each time. I can’t just press Play again… Thut is one of the most interesting of the newer names working in this area of composition right now. His scores are usually quite beautiful works in themselves, but here the realisation is also a thing of great beauty- a thoughtful and calming work indeed. URL

from adrian dziewanski's review:

"What we call the sound of rain or wind we could better call the sound of plant leaves and branches." – Francisco Lopez.

It wasn't long ago that I came across this quote by Lopez, and I find I'm often bringing it to the fore of my mind when listening and critiquing. It is easy to forget that the sound of rain, wind or snow are directly dictated by the objects and surfaces they strike, and where one may be actively listening in that given space. In relation to Stefan Thut's "am wind" recording, it makes me think of all the possible outcomes of this piece, all the millions of variations that could have surfaced given countless factors, and it makes me realize that it's not about trying to record wind, that's impossible. It's about recording a location that is being activated by wind, and thus dictates that no two recordings of the same weather process can stand alike.
The first of Thut's two wind recordings is a particularly good representation of the sound of low to high velocity winds, while the second is far more settled, with intermittent bursts carrying the sounds of creaking fences in their wake. Wind recordings are hard to do, and Thut does a good job at it, a fine example of the unprocessed field work that Winds Measure goes above and beyond to endorse. URL

cd release on . point engraved glass edition eg.p009:
stefan thut - an ort, 1-9 (2009)
audio extract

photograph taken on october 24th 2009 at the site of recording the piece

The score ‚an ort, 1-9’ refers to the activity of recording sounds outdoors. The repetitive action of recording at one place reflects aspects of infinite appearances of a place. The score suggests a practice performed over the course of a year while the geographic location remains unchanged for the duration of the procedure. From several sound recordings nine segments – equal in their length – are to be stringed together accomplishing the piece in its full length.
Aside of indications about time and place the score provides determining factors such as duration and the number of segments. After having achieved the recordings the exact beginnings and endings will result from a selecting process which is not predetermined in the score. This opens up for further decisions about the outcome of the piece. To choose a uncut segment implies an affirmative approach towards that which occurs in terms of sound.

cassette-compilation wm20, released on december 15 2010.
audio-documents about two scores 'equinox' (2010) and 'drei, 1-21' (2009)

1. equinox2309100536. 0:58

2. equinox2309100547. 1:00

recorded around the exact time of the autumnal equinox in 2010 at the longitude of 7°32′9.19″E.
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3. drei, 1-21 [9]. 1:00

the recording is based on page nine of the score ‚drei, 1-21’ (2009), performed by jürg frey, taku unami and stefan thut on march 21 2010 in solothurn (CH).
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wm20 - v-p v-f is v-n cs02 - various artists: jason kahn, civyiu kkliu, richard garet, scott smallwood, alfredo costa monteiro, daniel blinkhorn, stefan thut, ben owen, toy.bizarre, gen ken montgomery, robert curgenven, manfred werder / incidental music, pierre gerard, giuseppe ielasi, ferran fages, tarab, sawako, tmm mulligan, gil sansón, lawrence english, gilles aubry, takefumi naoshima, asher, ben scott, barry chabala, ubeboet, dominic lash, andy graydon, alessandro bosetti, greg davis, matt marble, andrew hayleck, seth cluett, phil julian and gill arno.  c50 cassette

 innen raum, 1-20 (2009)
recorded on september 21, 9am - september 22, 9am in 2009
installed on nov 5th 2012 at oxford brookes university

cd 'im sefinental'
stefan thut: aussen raum (2008)
manfred werder: 2008(3)
recorded on october 11 2008